Motorcycle has now become a mode of transportation that is widely used and needed by the community, especially for those who have intense activities in urban areas. Motorbikes are a supporting necessity for doing daily activities such as working, taking school children, and many more. Businessperson is also relied on motorcycles to move from one place to another.

Having a motorcycle is an alternative for those of you who do need effective and efficient transportation.

Here are some important tips for you before deciding to buy a new motorcycle at an authorized dealer. Why does it have to be an authorized dealer? Authorized dealer network give you a guarantee and offers you service based on standard procedure. It is also safer rather than buy a motorcycle from a third party.

1. Understand Your Needs First

You need to understand why do you want to buy a motorcycle. This will help you be able to make choices about the brands and types of products that you will buy later.

2. Choose the Right Motor

Determining the right type of motorbike is highly recommended for you so that you can use the motorcycle comfortably and safely. Do not be easily tempted by the seduction of advertisements on television or motorcycle trends that are widely used by people around you. Not all type of motorcycle is not suitable for You are good in terms of posture or typical usage. Choose the type of motor that suits your characteristics in terms of posture and usage requirements.

In general, the types of motorcycles are divided into 3 categories, namely:

  • Type Matic (Automatic Transmission)
  • Type Cub (Manual Transmission)
  • Type Sport (Motor Sport Manual Transmission)

3. Determine the Product Brands of Your Choice

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4. Look for Information Regarding Authorized Dealers in Your Place

The need is clear; the type of motor is also clear; the brand being targeted has already been determined. Now you must find information about the official dealer network in your area.