The real benefits of the car rental

Car rent in Kyiv is a business which has quite positive development perspectives. This service is rather new and started to work not long ago in Kyiv, that`s why most people think that it is expensive and dangerous. It`s the right time to understand that car rent is very convenient, practical and cost-effective.

Before using the car rent service we recommend you to read this article to better understand which class of the car is more suitable and convenient for you.

Car rent in Kyiv

The real benefits of the car rental in Kyiv: saving money while choosing the car

First, you have to understand for which purpose and for what time period you need the car:

You will definitely need a Business class car for holding business meetings or catching important events. Such cars look prestigiously and underline the respectability of the client.

In case you drive a lot around the city, you are recommended to hire the economy or medium class car. Having quite low fuel consumption, these cars have very comfortable passenger compartment and are equipped with an air-conditioner.

To travel with the family or a big company of friends you should choose the minibus. Minibuses have very spacious and comfortable compartments.

You are planning to go the countryside. Then you ideal choice will be an off-road car. This class of cars will make any types of roads and you can safely set off into a journey.

The real benefits of the car rental in Kyiv: What should you do next after choosing the car class to rent?

Book the car in advance! The best way to save your money is to book the car beforehand. Besides saving your own money, this service will make you completely assured that the rented car will be delivered to the desired location at a fixed time. The company Luxrental will provide you with 15% discount if you use the advance booking service.

Specify the rental period! Rental period definitely affects the price of the car rent. The longer the rental period is, the lower the price becomes. For instance, signing the agreement for a month will make you sure that the daily price will be lower than the daily price of the car rent under the agreement signed for a week. In case you don’t know exactly for how many days you`ll need a car, we advise you to make an order for a longer period of time. In this way, every day of car rent will save your money.

Follow all the terms and conditions stipulated in the agreement! Discuss the insurance and returning conditions with the manager.

Receiving the car, we recommend you to examine the car together with the manager to check if there are any defects.