Diesel Revolution: Spurred And Applied

Clean-diesel vehicles are expected to dominate the 2009 US vehicle market. In regard to this calculation, automakers are racing to convert their old technology into a fuel-saving sensation.

Diesel revolution is encouraged in two developments. The first development is the venture to achieve cleaner fuel. The second venture, on the other hand, is to promulgate tougher rules on vehicle emissions.

The first development involves the improvement of filling stations nationwide. It is anticipated to start this coming October 15. This is done to accumulate enough stock of diesel fuel with sulfur content not exceeding 15 parts per million, instead of up to 500 parts per million. Shipment of ultralow-sulfur diesel has been initiated by refiners since June. Today, approximately 42{c571b3a5e43b21b50c5a272f0522547d943c6f7f57312c776dd50d13c2b519f6} of U.S. service stations are selling diesel.

In connection with the second development, rules about vehicle emissions requiring cleaner fuel is spurred and applied. The two developments aimed at diesel revolution will take effect next year. Allen Schaeffer, executive director of the Diesel Technology Forum, a Washington-based trade group said “By taking the sulfur out of diesel fuel, it opens the door to new possibilities. It’s akin to taking the lead out of gasoline in its significance.”

Automakers are acknowledging this scheme and are now engaged in different diesel revolution ventures. Honda, for one, has unveiled its simple engine which is said to be as clean as gasoline. This will be incorporated to quality Honda parts so as to complement the Japanese automaker’s aim.

Volkswagen is also planning to launch vehicles using clean dieses. These cars will be available in the year 2008. Keith Price, spokesperson for Volkswagen said that the automaker is planning to produce enough Jettas to last through March. Also, the production of diesel versions of Beetle and Gold will also take place after 2006.

Jeep parts, on one hand, will also be modified to boost the appeal of Liberty CRD. The latter is a small diesel SUV that is intended to be sold in 45 states. The production is set for the 2007 lineup.

Ford Motor will also unleash its 2008 Super Duty F-Series pickup that uses a 6.4-liter V-8 diesel. The automaker is saying that it is the cleanest and quietest diesel it has ever made. Visit information about beauty trends.